Parkour and Graffiti

Here is a short article that should help you out in your life as a Street Bomber. If you love the thrill of bombing at 3am in the city center and not just mellow chill spots this should be pretty obvious but is also quite important. It will add (at least for me) a extra thrill to bombing, it should allow you to hit up riskier areas with alot less risk. Parkour or FreeRunning can be a great sport and way of life in its own right but combined with Graffiti bombing it can be a amazing adreniline rush and help you avoid cop trouble. When the cops show up when your tagging some pretty lit up road or alley in a big city center what most people will do is leg it ! Run as fast as their legs will carry them and keep on running, Now there is nothing wrong with this method but it is usually only successful for those who are fast runners. What about the rest of us, we can run fast enought but a good few cops (not the fat b*stards) are in training and are very fast sprinters, we underestimate them, they do train to hop over fences but not half enough and alot of them couldnt be arsed hopping them. The rest of this article focus's only on some of the most practical ways to outrun any unwanted trouble, to get to more spots faster and to hit up more heavens and hard to reach spots.

These are videos I found about on the net.

This is the fastest way to get over a railing or wall while keeping momentum, there are many many different fancy vaults that look really cool but this is (in my opinion) the easiest and most practical of the vaults. Here is a Video on how to do the Speed Vault.

Climbing/Hopping Fences:
Small Fences

Medium Fences

Large Fences

Climbing Building/Drainpipes
  1. First, identify the building you want to climb.
  2. Then look the building over for drain pipes or solid ledges which could hold your weight.
  3. Then once you have found a good starting point to start your climb, for example, a sturdy drain pipe, you should look for what you would then use to get to your destination whether it be on top or through a open window high up.
  4. Once your have found a good route up which you are happy with, start to climb.
  5. If you find this route too tricky, start the process over again but with a different route until you reach your destination.
  • There is always a way up a building, but make sure that you can do it.
  • If you are attempting this because you need to hide or get away without being seen, try to survey the building from behind a bush or up a tree etc.
  • Never attempt climbing a building or object which is high up and not to your ability, it could result in serious injury or death.
More Coming Soon.