Racking Online

I sent this to elmers.com just to see if it worked, and it did. They are sending me a new marker soon. I know that its just one, crappy marker, but if this worked, it should work on other sites too.

P.S. my name isn't James Timberman

From me:
Hello, my name is James Timberman, and I recently purchased a Painters Marker from the local Walmart for a home project to decorate a flower pot.
When I had gotten home and opened the marker, I proceeded to fill the nib
with paint, when all of the paint in the marker bled through the tip and made a big mess. I have bought your products before, and I like them very
much. I would prefer you send me a new product instead of a refund. Thank you.

From them:

If you will please reply to this e-mail with your full address, I will be happy to send you a new Painter. Please also let me know what color and what tip size(fine,medium, ultra-fine). Thank you.