Stickers/Slaps 101

GETTING STICKERS: UPS- the best spots to get stickers are, of course, the UPS stickers. but not everybody can get those, like people in the UK and in places where UPS stickers are only used by toys. Factory- You can look in your phonebook and find companies that manufacture stickers, even if the factory is hours away, it is worth it. go into their recycling/trash, and you will find THOUSANDS OF SHEETS of "defective" stickers, usually they just have a smudge on them, and they throw them out. that can get you enough stickers to last a year or so if you go at a good time. Others- At stores, you can find permanent labels in almost every size and form, and nice little 25 packs for a few bucks. just bring a knife to the store and slit them open, and slip the blank stickers in your pocket. if they search you and find blank stickers, they gewt really confused and will probabaly let you go.

PENS: this is how you spot a toy: a sticker with the writing hella faded because he used a shitty sticker pen. Good pens: Deco-color pens rock at this.. they roll really smooth, and last longer than the sticker itself. BLACK sharpies also work, but marks-a-lot pens are better, and last longer. just use common sense, don't waste good krink on a sticker that might get ripped off the next day by some do-gooder. Bad Pens: Prismacolor pens look hella fine, but fade in days, especially in summer, tavura nailed it when he said that they fade like hell in summer conditions. colored sharpies have the exact same effect, i was really dissapointed to see a sticker i worked hard on literally dissepear off the sticker in the blazing hot summer. use common sense with pens, if it dosen't work well on a wall, it will do the same, if not worse, on a sticker. also, do not use really good ink (like krink or price marking ink), it's just stupid.

STYLE: here's the deal, nothing pisses a writer more than seeing some shitty piece on a little sticker next to his work. so only do throws, handstyles, or characters... try doing some simple household object, those are the coolest. seeing a thermostat sticker is so fucking awesome. if you cannot piece, then don't. not sure if you can? then post it here, and prepare to get grilled. try cutting you stickers to the outline of your throw or character, you will look more professional. also, add a backgound, because most things you put them on will be light shades, so a nice dark color in the background really makes it stand out.

GETTING UP: getting up with stickers is simple. make about 50 wallet-sze ones, and wherever you go, just unstick them, put them on your palm, and casually rest your hand on an object. when you get home, put them in you wallet. when you run out, make 50 more. do not try to look cool by "slapping it" you will just end up with a red palm, a wrinkled sticker, and some old retard chasing you down the street. Height: the higher, the better. last halloween, i was hella drunk and put 30 stickers in a line on the white crosswalk lines. they stuck hella well due to cars going over them, but lost hella respect. so climb a tree, and put you shit as high up. make sure it is big enough writing to read from below, and if you see a special circumstance to put up a high sticker (like a ladder or some crates) then put it on hella high, so when the ladder is gone people will see a random sticker 30 feet up and scratch their heads. A monkey: if you have a friend or sibling who seems like he can climb like fuck, give him a quarter and tell them to put a sticker up on top of a sign. works like a charm. I have a little friend who can climb everthing. I pay him 25 cents for each sticker over 20 feet up.
FINAL WORDS OF ADVICE: Toys suck. don't be a douche and end up putting 30 stickers in one block, then, no matter how cool the stickers are, you will be labeled a toy. stickers are hella easier than pen on wall shit, so you have no exuse for covering a lot of ground. Also, ACTUALLY TAG! don't just put up stickers of your tag and expect to be a king. in fact, you might want to consider going on a few bombs before putting up stickers, so people will realize you are actually a seriuos writer. stickers have a subculture, but are still graffiti, and you are not a real tagger if you don't have tags, this is common sense. Don't get into trouble, and realize that people realy do not give a shit. maybe people who see you putting a sticker on the sin outside their house, but cars WILL NOT STOP, so don't be a pussy about putting them up right in front of heavy traffic. in fact, i encourage it. if you are wondering f your sticker has enought style to be put up, POST IT HERE. the denziens of 12oz may be a little harsh, but they're usually right, most people are toys, so dont whine like a little emo bitch, just suck it up, go into the sticker threads, get some more information and inspiritaion (but don't bite, of course, just get the style down) and practice some more.

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