Ultimate Ink Recepie

This is a amazing ink I discovered online and am reposting big ups to ''JSKE''. It is pretty much Impossible to buff but costs too much to make to be worth selling on.

You will need:

  • 1 bottle of 8oz corio purple
  • 1 bottle of 8oz garvey
  • 2 bottles of purple fiebings
  • 2oz of purple pvc primer
  • 1/4 gram gentian violet
  • 3-4 drops methylene blue
  • 1/2 tea spoon of manganese violet finely ground pigment
  • 4oz black or blue pen ink(not too thick,not too thin)
  • 2 caps procion mx dye violet
Put all of the ingrediants into a sealed container (2Litre bottle works) and shake for 3 minutes.
Pour into your mop or marker and be careful as this really staines super hard.


  • Shake before use as it can seperate
  • Don't spill it

Buff Test

Medium grey color paint - Ghost Still after 8 Coats
goof-off - Nope
klean strip - Nope
acetone - Nope
reducer - Nope
thinner - Nope
generic 'graffiti remover' - Nope