VHS Tape Mop

  • VHS tape
  • screwdriver
  • exacto knife
  • craft glue gun and glue sticks (or epoxy)
  • duct tape
  • lots of your favorite ink
  • old sock, or other filler
  • 2 chalkboard erasers

You are better off getting one of the VHS tapes with the plastic sleeve, since that's inkproof. First, you pull off the cover that protects the exposed tape. This is where the chalkboad erasers will go. Next, unscrew the tape and take everything out. What you want to do now is use the duct tape and epoxy to seal off the interior, so it won't leak all over you. Don't put the tape back together yet. You need to cut all the plastic junk out, so you can stuff the tape case with filler, and insert the eraser felt. Use the utility knife for this. Remember! Cut away from yourself, so you don't sever an artery or something. Once you're pretty sure the felt will fit into the marker, put it together and seal the edges with the epoxy, and then tape over it.

Ok. We're about halfway there. Now that you have a completely sealed container for your ink, you can cut up your filler and stuff the tape with it. The less you put in, the drippier your marker will be, since there's less to soak up the ink. 3/4 full is a pretty good amount. Now you're ready to put n the nub, or marking surface. Cut up the chalkboard eraser so that it fits into the space. You have to use a full one, and cut some from the second to fill up the remaining space. Once you got this all together, you can epoxy it in place. If you want itto hold together longer, epoxy all the eraser pieces together. Sometimes they fall apart if you don't do this. Make sure the epoxy makes a nice seal around, so all your ink doesn't leak out when you try to write.

Now you can fill with ink and start writing. You shouldn't use this to vandalize other people's property, because that's illegal, and you can get arrested. If you do, that's not my fault. (disclaimer) Have a lot of ink, because it takes a lot to fill this bad boy. Two marsh ink bottles will do the trick. Cover it with the case the video came with.