Buying Paint in Ireland

Getting your hands on Spray paint in Ireland can sometimes be easier said than done. There are several ways of getting paint in the major cities, if not all of them (apart from kerry obviously lol)
The easiest and quickest way, but not necessaraly the cheapest always way is to go into the nearst city, find the local Skate, Graff, Art, Book and even Sex Shop and see if they have paint. A large number of them will have MTN at least and some of them stock a good varity for both piecing and bombing.
There is some unofficially designated graff shops about the place too eg. South Central (Limerick) or All City "Records" (Dublin) These have pretty much everything you will need to constructively and creativly vandalize any city, They will have racks of paint, shelfs or markers, mops and inks, its a writers dream. The downside is they are so rare and hard to find.
Since this article is about buying paint i wont go into racking, but there is no shortage of BnQ's, Halfords, Car Shops etc. that all stock pretty ok paint for bombing and arent the hardest at all to rack from.
Next up is the under-recognized especially amount the new writers is the Internet, now the downsides are nearly every site wont deliver out side the U.K, or US (rember we fought the cunts to be outside the UK... that now has one downside) but you can still get markers, mops, inks, stickers, pretty much anything but paint as it can explode during delivery from there. But the good news is All Citys Website, You can order paint from it and they deliver it pretty cheap, concidering their paints pretty cheap anyways its definitely worth it to get what you want. Another site is ebay, you can buy Molotow, Mtn, Montana etc.. off ebay and because there small dealers they wont have a problem shipping it some times.
To order online you need a credit card but 3v is one of the greatest things in the last few years, its like a disposable credit card that is pay-as-you go, so there is no debt. Check it out on
So now there shouldnt be that excuse anymore that "oh umm theres like no paint in town, lets not bother goin out bombin weekend"