Basic Practice Technique

*this was stolen from UBER on lounge37.*"I'm going to give you all some advice.firstly. Everybody needs to sketch more.. and what a better time to sketch than the winter.This is what you will need... 1. 1-2 bricks of white printer paper 8.5 x 11.. you will need to buy more by the time your finished.2. a pencil and black markers.. preferable sharpies.. also black bic pens work great.3. an empty milk crate.Now what you have to do over the winter is fill the milk crate with paper.. don't crumple it up.. stack each peice on top of the other.until it's full.. it will be extremely heavy.Start of you sketch with light pencil lines to get the general shape of your letters.. It helps if you try and balance the letters so they are all roughly the same size and thickness. However do what you do.You should burn through 10-20 peice of paper everytime you sit down. work on ideas until you find one you like and then spend some time on it..There should be at least one out of ten that shows some promise. another good tip however is that if your start a letter peice.. you must finish it.. even if it sucks..You don't want to have pages of half done peices..By not abandoning your work you'll learn techniques you can use to save a peice.. even make a sorta wonky lookin peice look awesome.Also loose the color for now.. Maybe color your very favorite out of 10 or 20.. color is not as important as stucture.Stucture and legiablity are all that matter in the beginning. It's like a house.. who cares what fucking color you put on the walls if the walls fall down and kill you.Alot of you might try this.. maybe you'll start doing it and get board with your milk crate and go back to playing video games and talking shit on the internet.This is a hard test of your resolve. It's like letter boot camp. If you get through it, if you put all of your creative energy into whatever you are creating on each page.. If you learn about your letters then you will be able to work with them.. Alot of you who attempt this will not follow through. alot of you will give upBut the people who fill up that milkcrate will have a milkcrate full on ammunition when they get to the wall.. These people will stand out. there work will kick ass and they will burn all of you. They in essense will have developed a super power.. from a box of paper. I would suggest starting at the same time.. get some people together.. and get started.. you can post your best work online and give each other tips.Post only your best work.. most of what I have seen on this thread should end up in the milk crate..When your all done, you can burn your milkcrate full of junky letters, you can recycle it.. you can keep it if you want.. but that is alot of weight to carry for your whole life and by the time you finish all of those letters will be trapped in your subconcious.You have alot of trees to kill before you become a master of letters.. I suggest you all get started. "