Toys Guide Before Joining a Forum

Brutal but very True guide all toys shoulds read !

Unfortunately, many of the aforementioned toys not only hate being referred to as toys, but will defend it to the point where it becomes a flamewar. You are new, your work will suck until you learn, you are a toy. game over, get over yourself, we've all been there once and some manage even to stay that way for years.Dearest toy, our art is not a game. It is not something one "plays around with". That "only do it till it stops being fun" ethic is for the cats that have been doing it for awhile. This is not something you half-ass or can learn with 10 minute sketches. There are people that have been doing it for ages and are still learning...myself included. Your ten minute sketches attached with statements like "can someone give me crits on this" are insults both to yourself and to any of us that have actually worked to become skilled in this game. Again, learn what you can, make an honest effort, and then come up to the professionals for assistance with something you are proud of. That is the only way any internet advice can help you. Even better find a living breathing mentor to teach you the real ropes. This is a lifestyle as much as it is a technical craft. I can't speak for anyone but me, but those "give me crits" on half-assed art that insult the ones who bleed for this art will be met only with insult. i hope to hurt your feelings by saying so.of course, in the same vein, if you seriously want information and not shortcuts, ask and you shall receive. but dont go and challenge the credibility of the dude helping you out. Thats just stupid.Now for the gallery. If you want to waste precious server space with your wack looking shit that took you 5 minutes then so be it, but expect to be flamed beyond compare. Again, I hope you get your feelings hurt in such a way that will either make you improve or cry yourself away from our precious vocation. We need less wannabe's.To add to that, if you are not a king and throw a crown on top of your wack little pencil sketch, expect to be flamed hard. If you did that in any of the neighbourhoods i came up in you would be beaten bloody. It takes alot more than even dedicated experience to become king. disrespect kings, expect disrespect and condemnation. Nuff said.If you are offended by this then you must be guilty of some of the things mentioned. If you think I am being too harsh, then trying pulling some of that bullshit in your nearest city. I hope you have insurance.