Glue Container Mop

You Will need:

  • Glue Stick Container (with the kindof velcro Nib)
  • Wax (candle)
  • Lighter
  • Water (for testing)
  • Chalkboard Eraser Felt (or other nib)
  • Super Glue
To Make:
  1. Remove the Glue
  2. Melt wax into the container
  3. Put in some water to test for leaks
  4. Close the lid a few times to double check for leaks
  5. Pour in some Ink
  6. Shove in the felt so its air tight
  7. Glue the Felt in place
  8. Dip the nib in some Ink
  9. Go Bombing


  • You can use a eye dropper to drop the ink onto the nib
  • To refil use the above meathod
  • Squeeze for drips