Homemade Chapstick Marker

You will Need:
  • Chapstick container
  • Some Ink
  • A candle and matches
  • A felt chalk board eraser
  • Eyedropper

To Make your Chapstick Marker:

  1. Get the chapstick container, empty out the chapstick and clean out the container.
  2. Melt some wax into it from the candle, so that the bottom is sealed and won't leak any ink.
  3. Put in your ink of choice with the eyedropper. i used pilot because it's cheap and flows fine.
  4. Get the felt eraser. Rip off one of the strips. cut it about 1/4. Shove that bit into the container, just make sure you can get the cap back on.
  5. Finally, get the eyedropper back out and drip some ink onto the nib until it becomes juicy. After that you're ready to go. When the nib gets dry, rejuice it with the eye dropper and ink.

Your Chapstick Graffiti Marker is done, Enjoy :)