Graffiti Yard Rules

This is an issue that isnt stressed enough. This thread is mainly for people who havent painted in yards before or have and dont know what they are doing. All the heads can add some tips and information in this thread that will be helpfull, all others should read up.

NUMBER 1-Dont get seen! This should be a no-brainer for anybody who paints right. But I still go down to the local yard here and see kids painting in there from the road just walking around bombing the shit out of everything. If you paint in a yard make sure that nobody sees you, and this goes from workers, people who live in that area and local businesses to hero joe who walks by and hates graffiti. The less you are seen the less heat get sput on the yard because nobody knows that painting is going on there and they will leave the security pretty slack.

NUMBER 2-Leave the numbers! every train has to legaly have a set of numbers on it. This includes stuff such as the weight limits and capacity of the freight. They will usually be in a box at one of the ends of the car. When you paint over them the rail company has to take that car off of hte tracks to get those numbers restampes back on it. The cost isnt cheap and this will make rail security tight. There is usually always room to paint around the numbers. Dont take cardboard and tape to cover them up, this just creats more of a mess that youll have to take out of the yard later.

NUMBER 3-Clean up your mess! Do not leave your mess in the yard. This is a simple thing that will keep your yard chill. Dont just throw you can a few feet into the bushes or leave them around the freights, just throw it in your bag or stuff in under your shirt and get rid of it away from the yard. Dont leave tips around either, or paint spilled on rocks. If this happens then kick the dirt up to hide the paint. The idea is to make it look like the painting of the particular freights didnt go on on that yard. Dont test your paint on plants or gravel or the tracks. If you must, test your paint on an unrelated piece of the car.

NUMBER 4-Dont get retarted! When you paint in a yard dont go ape-shit and start painting every train. Workers will reconize this and will have to report it. Dont paint more than two freights in a line and make sure that they are spaced out. The same art on two freights side by side is a dead give in that the art was done there because the frieghts get switched up and mixed around when they come into the yard. Also when you paint dont follow any routines, workers will catch on. If you paint the same cars in the same lines, the workers who are out there everyday will begon to notice and whether they like it or not, they will have to report it. NUMBER 5-Observe! When you go to a yard that you havent been to before and want to paint, observe. Go there for a bit before you even consider bringing paint, and look for things like ways in and out without getting seen. Also learn what times they do the switch-ups at. This will help you learn whats going on so you can stay safe in the yard from teh freights and getting caught by workers.

-und busboy-

you do what you want