Racking Spray Paint

Racking or Stealing Spray Paint is how graffiti was founded and is still a huge part of graffiti. This is a article that will explain some of the techniques used by Writers who steal Spray Paint, You can use this information to protect your business from further thefts. I accept no responcibility for how you use this information. Stealing IS illegal and I do not condone it. ;)

Large Ski Jackets or Winter Coats are excellent for concelling cans of spray paint, a Person could easily conceal anything from 2 to 20 Cans in a Jacket making use of all the inside pockets and even creating his/her own specialised pockets for carring paint. The person would usually stroll around the shop browsing and at the paint section slip in various cans of paint over some time and buy something small or just walk out.

Shopping Bags.
The Writer can also use shopping bags to conceal many cans of spray paint. The Person would stroll around the shop and slip a few cans of spray paint into shopping bags with a jumper or two in them at a time, After a small time the Person could have anything upto 40 Cans of Paint in the shopping bags. He would then slip the jumper in the bag on top of the cans to conceal them even more and leave the store.

Hoodie and Shirt.
This Method involves the person wearing baggy Jeans, a baggy hoodie, and a Shirt and belt. He/She Would tie the belt tight with his/her shirt tucked in. They would walk around and put a few cans of spray paint down their shirt and it would get cought by the belt. A Writer could get upto 5 or 6 cans this way and maybe one in his front pouch. This meathod is more commen for racking markers.

Shopping Trolly.
This method offers the most reward but requires the most bravery. The Writer would go into usually a large store, fill up a trolly with spray paint and maybe a few other things from the store, he/she would then stroll out of the store casually and although you may think it would be obvious to staff it can be highly successful as people wouldnt expect it to happen so they are unlikely to assume that the writer didnt purchase any of the goods. If cought the writer would say hes tired, apologise and act imbarresed and go pay or say he must get cash wheres the atm and bounce.

Garden Center.
This is a technique used in big stores for home improvement or supermarkets. The Writer would get a few cans of paint and stroll out to the gardening section, then he/she would toss the cans over the wall to the car lot and retive them later or get a friend to catch them. There is usually only a few cameras if any in the garden section.

Box Stuffing.
This is where a customer would find a large low price item such as a computer desk, stuff the box with spray paint and reseal it. Then Purchase the Desk, Take out the cans and return the desk for a refund. This works with alot more than just spray paint.