Types of Graffiti

Types of Graffiti

Hip Hop or Wild Style
Sophisticated, often pre-planned cartooned murals, which incorporate a tag. Lettering is commonly done in a bubble or three-dimensional form. Uses many different colours.

Tag or Signature Currently the most common graffiti in the Lower Mainland. This is the individual assumed name of a graffiti writer (a "tagger"). The tagger will then practice their tag and develop a unique style to their written tag. The tag will be written on an object with a marker (there are many different types of marking tools). Taggers will also do a "throw-up", which is a tag written in bubble style letters which incorporate one or two colours. One colour is the outline of the bubble letters and the second colour is used to fill in the letters. Throw ups are a more elaborate way to tag, and can be done quickly by a developed and practiced tagger.

Gang graffiti is used to establish recognition, create intimidation, and mark off turf or area. Gang graffiti is commonly written when a new gang is formed. When gang graffiti stops, it usually means that the gang no longer exists or that it has evolved into more high profile activity and no long wants to draw attention to itself through graffiti.

Non-descript Meaningless graffiti in terms of the writer, e.g. rock band name, or sports team

Bubble Gum The eternal proclamation of love, e.g. "Jim loves Laura".

Socio-political More adult-oriented; a commentary on social issues or the political environment.

Skateboard Skateboarders have evolved more into taggers, but may utilize skateboard lingo, groups, or names, e.g. "Team Dread".

Racist Discriminating comments directed toward certain racial groups, or directed to pronounce specific beliefs that propose superiority of a particular race.
Satanic e.g. "666", "NATAS" (satan written backwards).

Religious e.g. "Jesus Saves", "John 3:16"

Stencil Usually done by adults and tends to reflect socio-political statements. A pre-designed stencil is created and put on objects and spray painted over to create the stencil image on the object.

Eulogy Graffiti in memory of friends or other loved ones.

Ripped from shitty anti graff website