Evolution of a Graffiti Tagger


select a tag name practice writing tag over and over writes on books and personal items may begin to tag in the community, referred to by taggers as "getting up". Common tagging areas are schools, buses, mail and newspaper boxes, etc. will tag if the opportunity presents itself may see the term "toy" written next to new tags. "Toy" means inexperienced or incompetent tagger.


will have established a unique style to his/her tag may start a "piece book", a graffiti practice book associates with other taggers may form or join a tagging crew will tag more frequently and in more difficult places (rooftops, under bridges) will try "throw ups", balloon or bubble style letter two coloured mural will go out late at night (dusk to dawn) for the express purpose of tagging strive to be "all city", which is a graffit term for having ones tag visible over a large area, such as the Lower Mainland


will begin doing more "piecing", which is an elaborate mural with many colours will have a very elaborate "piece book" with "pieces" outlined has all the graffiti tools (spray paints, magazines, photographs of work, paint masks, etching items, etc.) the pinnacle of expression for a tagger is acheived by "piecing", a painting or mural done with spray paint in graffiti style (short for masterpiece), or "bombing", which is a multi-coloured piece or a crew name in large bubble letters will look for highly visible areas to "showcase" their work (murals), such as rail cars, buildings, along transit routes, rooftops, etc. carries camera to photograph graffiti.

Also ripped from anti graff Website. Good Info but alot of Insults too...