What is a Tag

What is a "Tag"?
Tagging, as we know it today, got its beginning in New York in the late 1960s and early 1970s.A graffiti tag has become an individual identifier adopted by writers. They develop an individual style to differentiate their tag.A tag is selected often because the writer "likes the sound" of the word. It can also be chosen from the dictionary, or it may be a nickname.A tag primarily consists of three to seven letters.Lower Mainland graffiti taggers have taken to writing "1", or "one" or "oner" after the tag, e.g. "westoner", "westone", or "west1". "ONER" is a graffiti term for a tagger who has no tagging crew affiliation.To an active tagger, their name and tag are synonymous.

What is a Tagging Crew?A group of active taggersA crew will have anywhere from two to 12 membersMost common local crews have three to seven membersOccasionally, a tagger will for their own crew (only one person)A tagging crew name is usually two to four worlds, i.e. the "MBK" = "Master Bomb Clan" or "TK" = "Twisted Kids"For the Lower Mainland, most crew names are three words. The crew will write their crew name next to their individual tag on a wall.

Why Do Taggers Tag?
Recognition Low self-esteem Peer recognition For recognition; a distorted view of "fame"See it in the community and want to try it too
Anti-AuthorityA way to rebel against authorityTo "get out their aggression"
Artistic AbilitySome are very talented and this is their way of expressing themselves and developing and practicing their ability.AddictionBecomes an obsessive-compulsive disorder; they are addicted to "getting up", which is a term for tagging throughout the community, as well as to paints, markers, and tagging.

Tagger Profile
Sex The large majority of taggers are male Females are most often associated with "bubble gum" graffiti (Laurie loves Jim) Females are more interested in having their name involved in the graffiti

For tagging, the age generally ranges from 11 to 25 years Most taggers get their beginning around grade 8, and those in their 20s are often "developed" taggers, preferring rail cars and walls that offer a canvas for their work. Background
Taggers do not reflect any specific socio-economic or racial background .

Note: This is ripped from a anti-graff website and is very bios and not all the info is correct but alot of good info too..